Never say never

Never say never
Never say never,
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I am a very fortunate person.

I have everything I ever really wanted in life.

I've been protected from my own foolishness more times than I care to admit.

I've been blessed with tenasity and focus. There isn't a thing I couldn't learn.

I have only God (in Arabic Allah) to thank.


  1. its nice to be protected from your own foolishness. its nice to admit that we all think of or maybe do foolish things that we regret later.

    My Q is this: Are you happy? Do you consider yourself a happy person?

  2. Thats a strange question, I feel you have more to say. Please tell me more.

    On the answer, I can say without reasonable doubt that I my self am definitely satisfied. Hapiness is not a proper word when you see the situation that the world is in at the moment. (Lebanon, Palestine, Iraq, Chechnya, Afganistan ...etc).

    It seems that anywhere there are Muslims under occupation there is a war.

    Makes me sad, but also hopeful

  3. It is difficult to watch news these days; actually it has been always so difficult to do so. Its not that I don’t want to know whats going on with Muslims everywhere but it frustrates me to sit there, watching and crying.

    I know that everyone must fight his/her own way. Raising children is Jihad, working to support your family is jihad. But somehow its not enough anymore, it hurts to wake up every morning and know that people have been killed while u were in your bed dreaming.
    Feeling with people is not enough anymore; giving away some money is not enough anymore.

    “Condolisa Rice” is talking about new “Middle East”, this makes me wonder if it’s the time for this war that we have been told about by our prophet (Peace upon Him), when the Jewish will fight Muslims and we win. I hope I can witness such a great event.

    You know, this Rice woman gives ugliness a new dimension. I mean the ugly soul that she holds. Every time I see her on T.V. I say “A3othu bellah”.

    I don’t know why you think its strange to ask if you r happy or not. There r so many people who have everything they have ever wanted and they r still not happy. I believe that happiness is something that comes from inside, from your heart. Being satisfied of what Alla wants you to have is happiness. Its nice to have everything you have ever wanted, it’s a blessing. But that doesn’t mean you r happy.
    Well, I wish you and every Muslim in this world the happiness and satisfaction that we all deserve.


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