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I love my time with the World Cup 06. I always have a 7up in my hand. I always keep one half full on the table as an ash tray.

Thing is, when you are watching a game like BRA vs. GHA. You don't really remember which is which.

The Jordanian/Arab detachment from reality

There are two huge gaps between the general Jordanian population and reality.

First, there's the lack of understanding the concept of economy. The economy is good if you figure out how to make money, not the other way around.

I believe the misunderstanding comes from people following the media covering "the economy" as if it were an entity with a mind of its own.

As a result you find people hoping for the economy to become better and not really knowing that the economy is at the end the accumulative sum of the money we all made. (Well, more or less).

Consequently, you are not really motivated to get off your comfy chair and actually do something, because "the economy is bad".

The other gap is in the understanding of the relationship between the citizen and the government.

It comes a result of a long history of oppression and ignorance. The understanding seems to be that the government is the entity that controls everything and everyone, and citizens are obliged to fe…

To watch or not to watch? FIFA World Cup.

Why is the world cup so important? What's the frenzy all about?

I'll tell you why. Since its a complicated issue, I will start at the start.

At first, you grow up observing the older men in your family watching the world cup and reacting with extravagant enthusiasm to 22 men in two colors running around kicking just one ball.

As a child who is accustomed to regarding those men with respect as wise elders who are at the very least sane, the occasional and sudden outburst of insanity, rabid rants and near foaming in the mouth (though temporary) is so shocking that it burns forever deep with-in your consciousness and beyond reasoning, that this thing is so important it nears being sacred.

And then come the layers.

At layer 1, you get that you are rooting for a team to win. Winning is attained by driving the ball through one square, but not the other.

You also get that there is shouting and jumping, or cursing and sadness. Depending on which square has the ball. Btw, the single person w…

For music lovers

Top 5 music/songs that both my daughter and I love:
Urami Bushi - Meiko KajiEl Bos6a - FairoozTania (Enemy at the gates ) - James HornerYa Ossas - JuliaAnd Finally and most beauitfully
Just the Two of Us - Grover Washington, Jr. & Bill WithersShe actually makes me sing the song and she takes the chorus.