What is wrong with everyone?

I am new to the blogging communities like toot and Jordan planet. I need you all to tell me if that's "normal".

I traveled to Amman about 10 days ago and as I am staying in temp places, I couldn't find a steady net connection and was out of touch for a while.

I was completely convinced that everyone was like me and the people around me. Meaning, tuned-in to news channels all day, watching the news and discussing it with friends and exploring potential events and outcomes.

I was also completely convinced that everyone in Jordan Planet and iToot and the few select bloggers -- of whom I have RSS feeds placed in my favorites, would be blogging almost exclusively about the war.

Very few are, and some are still writing about stuff that is too trivial to be mentioned in even the most boring days, when watching grass grow may be considered viable entertainment.

What is glaringly obvious (especially with Jordanian bloggers) is the near total absence of any mention of the shameful stance of our government and the Arab government in general. Its as if you have the right to speak your mind but only if you don't mention anything that matters.

Who do you think is going to say anything?!!! If the select few educated people with net connections and enough knowledge and time to actually blog choose to not say anything, who will?? Or do we really NOT care??!!

The actual position
Though the official stance of the Arab government and the Jordanian government is to act as bystanders watching the "adventure", and hang on with all its powers to Israeli-Arab friendships like it was the source of life and all that is good in this world, the actual stance of the Arab people is that this friendship is too insignificant in the face of bombing innocent children, and such actions are unacceptable under any circumstances and are most definitely friendship annulling actions!

The acts of bombing our Lebanese brothers in religion and in blood are considered acts of war and are reason enough to go to a regional war.

In Jordan we've proven that we do not seek war, and I believe this is a sentiment shared by all Muslims and Arabs, but there is a time when you say enough is enough, and I say if not now then when??!! Have we lost all feeling of self worth and dignity?


  1. Tts nice to read such words, to feel that someone is realy still awake.

    I also like the articles about parenting and worldcup. Is it ok to publish these articles? "flyers i mean". I know for sure that so many people like to read them too.

  2. I suggest you send the links to whoever you think may appreciate them.

    Some of the things I wrote might not be favored by certain entities and you might find yourself as a result in a tight spot (not that I have faced anything like that).

  3. I disagree. As you said, you were offline during the peak of the crisis, in which the Jordanian bloggers spoke nothing but of it- some condemned, others grieved, some gave analysis, others organized ways to help.

    "is the near total absence of any mention of the shameful stance of our government and the Arab government in general."
    Why should that be the default stance of Jordanians? I, for one, am glad of the governments stance. Not everyone is religious.

    Also, I don't think that it is anyone's right to judge what should be considered trivial and what is otherwise. Blogging is a personal thing, if you don't like what you're reading, stop and don't pass judgements, because a lot of people will like it.

  4. Roba, first of all, thanks for your comment.

    "Blogging is a personal thing, if you don't like what you're reading, stop and don't pass judgements, because a lot of people will like it"

    I absolutely agree with that, do you? I also believe that while passing judgment may not be a positive thing to do for a non-judge, you are still required as part of the community to provide feedback and criticism to help people grow as bloggers and as a part of the community.

    I am wondering, why did you assume it was a religious thing? I am not speaking as a religious person, but as a proud Jordanian-Arab-Muslim-Human, and while Islam is definitely a factor, it can be completely sidelined for the sake of this argument and the outcome would still be the same.

    When the one Chinese guy died two days ago in the bombardment of the UN post in Lebanon, the Chinese government called-in the Israeli ambassador for an official condemnation and to demand an apology and an investigation! .. and they are not really that religious.

    What can’t we do the same? Just out of maintaining some political weight in the region?!

  5. m new too, cant give u much advice :)


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