The Replacement UN

This is my reading of some political events that happened during my conscious observation of the world in politics.

Israel and its larger twin USA managed together to anger enough countries and people to allow for an alternate UN.

Just looking at the level of meek submissiveness that the UN is in at the moment, and sighting the ineffectiveness and uselessness of it in the face of the current US/Israeli attack on Lebanon, and on the other hand the speed and efficiency of its move against the Iranian nuclear program. It becomes very clear that the UN is just a tool used to drive the US/Israeli agenda in the world.

The power of the UN comes from the legitimacy given to it by countries of the world that subscribe to that model. If enough key countries withdraw from the UN and form a new alliance called FUN (Functioning United Nations) it could restore some political balance in powers.

I suggest this FUN be lead by China or Russia and have a number of members that include the countries of the former UN that are at a deliberate disadvantage like Palestine, Iran, Lebanon, Syria, Saudi, Egypt, Korea N ... etc.

This way at least, when the UN meets on any random purpose the outcome would be predetermined by design rather than by expectation. For instance, we no longer have to think of UN as the United Nations, but as the US/Israeli axis of the devil and therefore, all decisions, meetings, condemnations, drafts and resolution from that point on can be published years ahead of time instead of just deciding them and waiting for the right time to publish.

This of course renders it illegitimate and useless, as it is in fact. In other words, United Nations minus Functioning United Nations (UN-FUN) = -F (minus Functioning) which can in other words be described as Dysfunctional.

I call for FUN and the Dysfunctional to be put forward to the states of the world for debate and prompt decision.


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