Abdoun Bridge?

Is this called Abdoun Bridge?

I was surprised by the look of dowwar 3abdoun when I got there. It was the first time I see it empty and construction-ee like.

I found my self back in 2000, the trials of driving round and round the dowwar hoplessly trying to figure out the point why people do it. I could never do it, nor get it. I would eventually end up confused and a little nauseous from all the twirling, and sitting a coffee shop paying waaay too much for a double turkish.

*Why do people do that?* Neither myself nor a friend (AbuShreek) could tell, really.

Now about the bridge, I imagine it would be great once finished, and would take some load off of the 5th. I wonder if it would be finished by the time I go to Amman next summer.

More photos here


  1. yes .. the area is somehoe calm than before , stil , there are places where one can hang out for the sake of place itself , like picking up an ice cream sope from Gerard .. the twirling thing I could never get either , why would they keep on going around the circle as if they are worshiping the existance of it .. but i guess , it's about to change ..

    I believe by next year , the bridge should be finished .. they have been working on it for over a year and half so far ..

    but you know something , this bridge gave Abdoun busy area a break .. now people tend to try other places around Amman .. exploring more of the old city neighbohoods ..

  2. you can call it jisr il no2efeh(the sling..thats how it looks like now)

    many bridges were constructed lately (6th circle,5th,madina mnawra,dowar il kilo,7th circle..that we are now used to the idea of going in circles looking for the new road..sometimes missing the direct one.

    good way to learn of new shortcuts

  3. tealover and mala2e6, thanks for the comments.

    Tealover, I am sure the residents of the area appreciate the calm. I am positive that shop owners there are pissed.

  4. Mala2e6,

    Great positive attitude, detours=great way to learn shortcuts.

    What about traffic jams= ?

  5. traffic jams in the same detour or traffic jams solved by constructing a bridge?

    if u r talking about the traffic jam on the detour,then it is really annoying and i had an accident once during the fifth circle bridge construction ad that was my lesson..

    about the traffic jams and new bridges and tunnels,we may not feel the differance and how these bridges contributed to solve the problem .the number of cars in jordan is increasing rapidly,newcomers,good bank loans,so when we pas by a bridge we might say,so the jam is still there..this bridge was made for nothing..it is not

  6. there are special memories attached to abdown, and the dawar too. it might be the crowd or the cars, I don't know.

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