The rumor mill

I a new situation in my workplace occurred Thursday morning. I cannot discuss the details. But its the kind of situation where some people thrive in as they enjoy spreading the lies the they make in the form of rumors.

To them of course its just a mechanism whereby they can gather pieces of information from people. They would tell you a complete lie that they just made up in hopes that you would respond with some relevant information that was not previously known.

What they do not know however, is that some other people of their same sort would take those lies unknowingly and add some lip service into another crowd. Before you know it, the original source receives new information that is in reality their original lie deformed and updated by way of more lies and misinformation.

Everyone seems to have all on a reliable source. From now on, I will only listen to unreliable sources!


  1. Maybe you shouldn’t listen to any kind of resources. I don’t listen to anyone. When things are important to me, I dig for the truth myself.

  2. People have to add their personal "flavor" to rumors they carry to others .. for the simple truth that , sometimes the news by its own may not be a big deal , but the way it is delivered makes a differance !
    In a place where rumors are that ordinary , I wont take any news as is .. I'll either hear it and take no action , if the subject is of no matter for me , and if it is , I'll have to look for the info. myself !


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