Giving 110%

This sentence has always bothered me.

By definition 100% is THE MOST you can give. The word by defition means that when someone asks define "100% of your effort" you would reply "It means the MOST you effort you can give".

If you wanted to measure your effort in points and say you ended up with 5000 as the most effort you can produce, and then in a game or underpressure you gave 5500, it does NOT mean you gave 110%, it means you mis calculated your effort and the number 5000 was infact 90.9% of your actual effort and the 5500 is the 100%.


  1. I'd say .. thats a good point .. I don't even believe that there is a 100% effort .. there is always a space for "lost work margin" if I could call it that .. & BTW .. I've just seen you've answered my tag :) .. on موعد في المدينة !

  2. right... can u say i gave this 100% effort?? i think its like (mawadee3 il insha2) back in school, they can be really good but u never get full mark.. i feel in these cases its all relative


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