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I need your help guys, who is this?

Who sings this?

If you know or may have any idea, please comment below or drop me a line at

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Here's what I know so far.
This is a Chechen guy from Jordan. He was once on top of the charts on Yahoo. Here is one more song he made:

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I still need his first name and what other songs he may have. His email would be very good too.

Battlefield 2 : Modern Combat

On my XBOX360 "Battlefield 2: Modern Combat" lags like crazy most of the time. When it is not lagging, I am all over the place, and on top of the scoreboard, when it is lagging, I am usually at 1:5 kill to death ratio, which sucks.

Changing the ISP is no option for me at the moment, since in Qatar we only have one ISP. I am sure this will change soon, as HRH Prince Hamad issued a law to stop the QTel monopoly and allow another company into the country.

Hopefully with the new ISP, I will be able to get a lag free stream of communication. Meanwhile, I am not playing BF2:MC except with friends who also reside behind the QTel proxy.

Nine eleven

In Jordan we write the date in the format DD/MM/YYYY. Today is nine eleven 2006.

It was about this time a year ago that the Amman bombings took place.

Before Mr. Bush decided to launch his crusading "war on terror", the word zarqawi meant a guy from Zarqa. So thank you Mr. Bush!

Om il 3aroos

I've been back in Qatar for 5 days now and I still cannot settle down. I am always busy and yet don't seem to really be doing anything, like om il 3aroos (a bride's mother).

Before I left to Jordan I had bought a few things for the XBOX360, one of them was Kameo, a family game mainly for Yelsmin. By the time I got back to Qatar, it had already arrived, add to that a few free games that came with XBOX Live Vision and the Vision itself.

I also had to install a fresh Windows XP on my desktop machine at home because I had what appears to be a pirated copy.

Plus a large number of niggles that I had to sort out. So it's been hectic, .... but not quite so.

I am blogging this from work, where it is also the same kind of situation. Hoping to have our priorities sorted out so we can proceed with a number of projects to keep us busy for real.