I need your help guys, who is this?

Who sings this?

If you know or may have any idea, please comment below or drop me a line at sarihiari@gmail.com.

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Here's what I know so far.
This is a Chechen guy from Jordan. He was once on top of the charts on Yahoo. Here is one more song he made:

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I still need his first name and what other songs he may have. His email would be very good too.


  1. very nice song..listened to it yemkin 5 times..but i don't know who sings it.. ya3ni i know the voice so well..bass..m3alle2 b rasi..sorry :S

    lamma te3raf 2oulna

  2. Speaking of “who sings this?”

    Who sings this song?…I know the wards...I just can’t remember the singer.

    Should I

    Tell him
    Tell him that the sun and moon
    Rise in his eyes
    Reach out to him
    And whisper
    Tender words so soft and sweet
    Hold him close to feel his heart beat
    Love will be the gift you give yourself

    Touch him
    With the gentleness you feel inside
    Your love can't be denied
    The truth will set you free
    You'll have what's mean to be
    All in time you'll see

    I love him
    Of that much I can be sure
    I don't think I could endure
    If I let him walk away
    When I have so much to say

  3. hey this is nice song ..
    i even didnt fine the lyrics !

  4. Hey Dadan, long time no C.

    I am getting a little more data. This is a chechen guy from Jordan. He has two other songs, I still dont have all the details.

    I will update the blog when more information becomes available.

    Check with your Chechen friends if any to see if any one knows him.

  5. very so so nice song LotusGem :). I have heard it once in Amman.
    (tell him) is a song for Celine Dion and it is an adorable one.

  6. Ranim,

    Thanks for the comment.

    Actually the song in the post is not "Tell him", its a guy singing his own music.

    Please check it and give me your opinion.

  7. I know, I answered anonymous. I hope it is ok for you.

  8. he performs better in English but the music is so touchy and sad.

  9. When I downloaded the first song, “Sari Al-Hiari “was written as the artist. And because I didn’t read the whole post – too busy to do so- I thought that Sari is the artist. I gave the song to so many friends and they all think of you is a new promising singer…congratulations :)

  10. *LOL* I would like such a rep, but I most definitely am no singer.

    Please send everyone an email tell them the singer is anonymous and not Sari Hiari.

    It probably said "Sari Al-Hiari" in artist because I uploaded it to Odeo.

    I have some leads on the guy and soon will get his full details.

    I will post here when I do.

  11. this is stange, why it is so important to know about the singer?
    I hope you don't mind asking, but we are about 7 shabab w banat and we really want to know (unless it is personal)

  12. It's nothing of a private nature. It all started when I first heard this guy and thought the songs were great, and I am always looking for good unknown singers.

    When I tried finding out who he is, I looked for the lyrics in search engines, looked for song names ...etc with no results, which got me intrigued.

    I brought the songs to friends at work, so my work laptop had only these songs on it, which made me listen to it quite frequently.

    In my head, this guy is what work sounds like.

    My goal is to find out who he is, and make like an interview and find out what other song he sings. I mean this guy is not famous, but he may verywell be.

  13. reading your posts I can tell you are religious. Do you think it is ok to support such lines?
    if you like him you will produce his CD? or you will just tell him (good work)?

    I am asking you because I attempt to help you seriously, but I need to understad your motives first.

  14. Lana,

    I think I know you.

    My goal is not to make this guy famous as one more singer. But encourage a talent rare in my community.

    I am no where near producing a CD at this moment.

    And yes I consider Islam to be my guideline, and am aware and regretful of the places venture out of those guidelines.

  15. Mr. Hiari,

    Thank you for the kind explanation you gave.

    I have read all your posts. I am so grateful for the words you share with us. That’s why
    I wanted so much to know your theory about this.

    The song “maybe I” is so beautiful. I am becoming so attached to it. Your wife must be a lucky woman :)

    Unfortunately, I didn’t have the chance to meet you in person. Maybe my family will meet yours one day, one can never know.

    Lana Arnaot


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