Om il 3aroos

I've been back in Qatar for 5 days now and I still cannot settle down. I am always busy and yet don't seem to really be doing anything, like om il 3aroos (a bride's mother).

Before I left to Jordan I had bought a few things for the XBOX360, one of them was Kameo, a family game mainly for Yelsmin. By the time I got back to Qatar, it had already arrived, add to that a few free games that came with XBOX Live Vision and the Vision itself.

I also had to install a fresh Windows XP on my desktop machine at home because I had what appears to be a pirated copy.

Plus a large number of niggles that I had to sort out. So it's been hectic, .... but not quite so.

I am blogging this from work, where it is also the same kind of situation. Hoping to have our priorities sorted out so we can proceed with a number of projects to keep us busy for real.


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