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Know if you don't and remember if you've forgotten

I should make this clear.

I make a separation between Jews and Zionists. I have no hard feelings for jews, in fact, I wish they would repent and take the rightous path. With Zionists however there's a different story.

What I want to show here is how the Zionist agenda is being pushed in the world through the US, and how that is actually being implemented on the ground.

The process

Hollywood result (1 of many)

Update !!

Beautiful recition of Ya Seen

Salam all,

Listen to the sweet sound of this kid reciting verses 1 through 12 of surat "Ya-seen" of the holy Quran.

English translation is below.

Go here for english translation.

The asian games in Doha

I went with the family to watch some events in the Doha 2006 Asian games that was opened last Friday.

It was a great day and the organization is amazing. I mean you can really tell that they spent money and effort on the facilities and the staff.

Everyone, from security to guides to ticketing to everyone were doing a great job. Greeting with a smile and offering precise help.

The events themselves were typical Olympic style competition that keeps you on the edge of your seat if you could understand what was gonig on.

Here are a few photo's from the trip.

Sari and Yelsmin

Games of your life

Streets near the Khalifa Stadium