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Again on the iPhone


Crackdown on the 360

I just finished one more round playing the Crackdown demo on the XBOX360. I just want to say that this game is going to be BIG!

Mime interpretation

WARNING!! Mature.

This is hilarious. Enjoy.

Mime interpretation

The new Apple iPhone

I saw the Apple key note in CES 2007. I must say, it seems Mr. Jobs has never used Windows Mobile 5.0 device.

I mean the guy was all on reinventing the phone, and getting excited about synchronizing your contacts with your PC and typing with your finger and getting a little picture of whoever is calling, all of which the WM5 devices have been doing out of the box for a while now. Infact, my 3 yearold Pocket PC 2003 Phone Edition has been doing it for 3 years.

The only thing I can see that is really cool is the pinching thing for zooming in, and the accurate typing with the fingers on the tiny on-screen keyboard. And I am just assuming the latter. It could be that Steve Jobs has an accurate finger.

Discrimination in Dubai?

I doubt that what you are about to learn of here is legal in Dubai, or even socially accepted, but that didn't stop the company Afraa from posting a job opportunity blatantly excluding Muslims from the job.

Details Here at Naukri Gulf site.

This was there in the job post:
Only Army Ex-defence,
Age- 40 yrs Maximum,
Only Non-Muslim
Good height and Health
Know Basic English

Now I understand all of these items, except for the Non-Muslim one.

I could also, understand that some jobs may be better suited for non-Muslims like bar tending or so, but this is a security guard position in a Muslim country. A SECURITY JOB. What? do they think we spontaneouslycombust?!

Any body else find this shocking?? I mean wouldn't this be absolutely horrid if it said Non-Blacks, Non-Arabs, Non-Christians, Non-Asians.

Whats next? May be we'll start seeing posts for a secretary job for whores only or an accounting position for Indians only? Or may be even worse, this has already been there but no one talks abo…