Discrimination in Dubai?

I doubt that what you are about to learn of here is legal in Dubai, or even socially accepted, but that didn't stop the company Afraa from posting a job opportunity blatantly excluding Muslims from the job.

Details Here at Naukri Gulf site.

This was there in the job post:

Only Army Ex-defence,
Age- 40 yrs Maximum,
Only Non-Muslim
Good height and Health
Know Basic English

Now I understand all of these items, except for the Non-Muslim one.

I could also, understand that some jobs may be better suited for non-Muslims like bar tending or so, but this is a security guard position in a Muslim country.

A SECURITY JOB. What? do they think we spontaneously combust?!

Any body else find this shocking?? I mean wouldn't this be absolutely horrid if it said Non-Blacks, Non-Arabs, Non-Christians, Non-Asians.

Whats next? May be we'll start seeing posts for a secretary job for whores only or an accounting position for Indians only? Or may be even worse, this has already been there but no one talks about it.


  1. Obviously you're too new to the GCC school of thought(or lack of) that says that you should opt for non-muslims because you get a better bang for the buck.. No prayer breaks, No ramadan..

    Those non-muslims, they're just working machines.. we can run them 24/7 on little food and water.. and if wear and tare starts showing on their faces, run them harder.. But, if God forbid, wear and tare starts affecting performance, just ship them off, and get a fresh batch..

    Gotta love our respect for Human Rights!

  2. So what you're saying is that the non-Muslim part was out of respect for Muslim rights and lack of respect for right's of everyone else.

    Hmm, I don't know if that offends me more or less.

  3. This is terrible! Dont you have any anti-descrimination laws in Dubai? Can anyone file a law suit against this firm?

  4. Observer,

    I live in Doha/Qatar, not Dubai. I am certain if someone published this in Doha it would be a huge deal.

    I am trying to get this noticed in Dubai just to see what the reaction would be.

  5. Meh ... let them have it ... the whole gulf is racist one way or another!

  6. Guys,

    welcome to Dubai !
    this is no new in here, if u see Classified or other employement concerning newspapers, u will probably see:
    "only arabs" or "only europeans" ....
    this is chocking but what can we do?.....NOTHING !!!
    "just live the unfair and STFU"..the slogan of UAE


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