Mime interpretation

WARNING!! Mature.

This is hilarious. Enjoy.

Mime interpretation


  1. Someone with an attitude24/1/07 8:28 PM

    I hope you don’t mind asking about your birth date. We are studying how that affects the bloger’s personality.

  2. @Someone with an attitude. You should really be more assertive if you want to be viewed as "with attitude".

    Tell me more about what you are studying. It is always good to learn.

  3. Someone with an attitude26/1/07 8:37 PM

    assertive? what do you mean?

  4. Being unassertive in one side of your life, doesn’t mean that you are “not” someone with an attitude. I think it is means you are “human”.

    Btw, have you ever felt like punching someone? :)

  5. Anonymous,

    I have no idea what you are talking about. However, I've felt like punching someone in the face numerously.

    Someone with attitude, the sentence "I hope you don’t mind asking about your birth date." is not indicative of attitude. Someone with attitude would probably say "Hey whats your birthdate buttmunch".

    I like your way better btw.

  6. Someone with an attitude27/1/07 9:45 PM

    I didn’t understand “buttmunch”…

    Anyway, this is something for a friend of mine…she is interested in knowing things about personalities and birthdates…etc.
    I suggested your blog.

    Apparently you didn’t like the whole idea…sorry for disturbing you…she needed three bloggers and she already has their bdates.


    P.S. I didn’t expect that my chosen “name” will make all that fuss ;)

  7. @Someone with an attitude , I am not fussing about this, I just really want to learn more about this. Associating bdates with blog style is interesting to me.


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