Is it weird that I am sad?

I was reading Naryat's message on mala2e6's blog 3almanshar and I felt a real sense of loss and sadness.

I wasn't about to cry or anything, but I felt loss and couldn't understand why.

Now the weird thing (or what I suspect is weird) is I don't know Naryat. I only know the RSS feed and the collection of HTML layouts and images that are Naryat's blog. So why does it get to me so?

Me thinks I need to reconsider the true effects the internet is having on society.

To tell you the truth, if I had read this on someone else's blog I would've thought it was corny. But nevertheless, here I am.


  1. 3athama allahu ajrakum. in sha2a allah '7atematu al a7zan

  2. I guess it is ok to feel sad for such reason. Humans are feelings. I felt the same, we are efriends "whatever that means". And yes, we will miss each other, one way or another. "ra7 ghanni :)"

  3. don't worry about it, its a natural feeling for internet addicts like us :P

  4. The great Bakkouz on my blog. Ashraqat wa anwarat. May be I should comment more on Sharks blogsphere activities.

    @Woman> I feel your comments relates to whats here, but I dont understand it ... completely.

    @Anonymous> I don't think its right to use words deep in our religion and heretige to be a hecler.

  5. Glad to hear that.

  6. Well,
    what if i told you my decision was regarding some blogging issues? what if i told you that blogging lead me to some story that was 100% mental but affected my whole life and confused me alot?
    Actually, coming back to reality was one of the reasons behind deleting my blog!
    W to be honest, I really miss my blog, and miss you all! :-(
    It needs some practice...

  7. Naryat, I am really interested to know the story. The mental story that is, just in case you didn't know what I was referring to. :)

  8. send me on plz..

  9. ya zalamah reconsider mish ingate3


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