Diversity in my work place

I just have to write about this.

I was reminded yesterday while in a meeting of a fact of my daily work routine that I found especially interesting. And that is that I work in a widely diversified environment.

The aforementioned meeting was between four of us. My self a Jordanian, one South African, one German and one English man, all working on a project who's team is just as diverse.

The project is run in a division run by a Singaporean. The program manager is Qatari. The project owner is Greek but lived in Austria and married to a German (who's sun by the way speaks 5 languages fluently).

The project team contains two Nigerian/English guys, a Syrian/Iraqi/English, a Lebanese, an Australian, an Irish, an Indian and three English guys one of which speaks English so posh that you think the Queen is about to walk through the door.

When preparing for this project back in December 06, I remember a lunch we had. One Russian who lived in Brazil. The afore mentioned Greek/Austrian. One Indian, one Jordanian, one Syrian American and one German/French. All of whom are well traveled and well cultured.

You can imagine the conversations we have at lunch. We talked for 20 minutes about the different types of red meet in the world, once about pros vs cons of Sushi. One time we shared what body language means in different parts of the world. So much to learn, so little time. :)

I am fortunate for this part of my work.


  1. I am so jealous. that is my dream work environment. enjoy it.

  2. loooooooooooool
    I know this!
    In the company i work in, there is alot of foreigners... all have an english nationality but from different roots... English... Scottish... Indian.. Jamaican... Italian... Vietnami.. and the vietnami is the most cool
    one day I and Hisham, my circassian (Adiga) colleague, gave a long history lecture for trounge, the vietnami man :-D


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