Why working at home isn't for everyone

I just had an epiphany. I know now why working from home doesn't work.

I colleague got sick and couldn't come to the office today, and while he said he would be available on mobile and email, it is still not the same for completing job tasks.

When he is in, I see something in my email and I want to talk to him, I pickup the phone, dial his extension and he is there. Question answered. If not, I will just walk into his office and get my answer.

And while I do get my answer through email if he is not in, it is not the same. You loose your string of thoughts and things become lazy and unresponsive and eventually you loose your momentum.

There is a certain added value in physical presence that makes sense when you need to make decisions quickly. Which I believe is 80% of daily work.

Still, if you're going to spend 2-3 days writing a document. It would actually make more sense for you to do it at home, uninterrupted.


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