Back from Singapore

Well. After spending 6 work intensive days in Singapore. I feel compelled to run this again.


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  2. WoW!
    Sara7a, amazing...
    Brief and clear...
    awjazta wa afadt!

  3. Thanks Naryat, but I cannot take credit for the other post. It was an email sent from one friend to another friend that we felt was blog worthy.

  4. after all you won't write it if you didn't think it's worth it!
    And God bless hm he who wrote this... He seems to understand alot of deep points...

  5. This is a clean joke.
    I keep checking your blog, only to see that you don't post a lot. The only thing that changes in your blog is that gamer tag's score.
    That brings this:
    I don't mean the song applies to you. It is only that playing part.

  6. you stopped playing. Instead, why don't you start posting :)

    7aram 3alik el fans ;)

  7. you never know! :)

    I know for sure that there are fans :)
    but they (ammanoni) not to say. Thats exactly why I am saying :)

  8. it is ok to have innocent fans, right?

  9. you should know this.

    not every anonymous is me. I didn't type all of these comments.

  10. Welcome back (belated) and I enjoyed looking at your DNA. Such interesting genome!


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