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My brain is burning. I am playing project manager and content owner in one project, and project technical lead in another. At the same time, I am still worrying about my line functions and people's vacation timing.


I am reminded of an article on a website about a lady donating her brain because of such overload/overheat.

And here is a picture I took of a palm tree.

PS:I will start injecting this blog with some of my own photos that I particularly like. Makes it nicer to look at.

Delightfully pinkish

Delightfully pinkish, originally uploaded by LotusGem. This flower grows on a tree. It requires flexibility to reach and take a photo of.

Difficult Red

Out of place, originally uploaded by LotusGem. This rock is coming out of the closet, finally announcing that it is green. You know liking green more than black, IT MUST BE GREEN.

Difficult Red, originally uploaded by LotusGem. This is a picture I've taken in Singapore. I finally started developing those pics (RAW to JPEG).

The trust I am afforded flatters me

Apparently I am a trust worthy person.

The day before yesterday my car broke down and I had to go home in a Taxi.

Yesterday I called one to take me to work, but still had to pick my daughter from school and I wanted to buy a car.

I walked into the operations room, and said I need to pick Yelsmin up. My friend Awfa -- who already knew about my car breaking down, put his hand in his pocket and tossed his key across the room and looked back at his monitor. I remembered the Arabic saying "أن اللبيب من الإشارة يفهم".

His car is a brand new, fully speced Toyota Avalon 2007, he had it for about 3 days now may be 4 I cant remember.

On the road, I called a friend who I knew had bought a new car I liked, the Lexus RX. And asked if I could take it for a spin because I want to buy one. He met me outside his office building and gave me his keys.

Both cars are great, but I prefer the Avalon by a mile for its performance.

The point here is that I am trusted to just take these expensive high end c…