The trust I am afforded flatters me

Apparently I am a trust worthy person.

The day before yesterday my car broke down and I had to go home in a Taxi.

Yesterday I called one to take me to work, but still had to pick my daughter from school and I wanted to buy a car.

I walked into the operations room, and said I need to pick Yelsmin up. My friend Awfa -- who already knew about my car breaking down, put his hand in his pocket and tossed his key across the room and looked back at his monitor. I remembered the Arabic saying "أن اللبيب من الإشارة يفهم".

His car is a brand new, fully speced Toyota Avalon 2007, he had it for about 3 days now may be 4 I cant remember.

On the road, I called a friend who I knew had bought a new car I liked, the Lexus RX. And asked if I could take it for a spin because I want to buy one. He met me outside his office building and gave me his keys.

Both cars are great, but I prefer the Avalon by a mile for its performance.

The point here is that I am trusted to just take these expensive high end cars. Clearly they think I am a responsible, trust worthy person.

I don't disagree with this, but especially when it comes to driving, I learned how to control a car spin before learning to shift gears properly. So ... I'm not so sure their trust is well placed.

Funny thing is that Awfa already knows about my driving.


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