BMW 540 2000 - Need advice

To every one reading this comment. I need help. I am hoping for someone with experience in BMWs.

I am offered a BMW 540 2000 model for an amount of money I can afford. The car is red which I dont like and comes with Automatic gearbox which I hate.

Still undecided on whether I should take the plunge, I need your help to tell me what too look for in the car (positive or negative) that could help me take the decision.

Knowing that in Qatar, overheating and A/C condition are most important.

Please comment here or send to my email sarihiari(at)


  1. Look!
    BMW is a very respectable name! The 540 is the top of it's class with amazing performance. Cars that powerful, REALLY don't need stick-shift! I would go for it, it's really nice and fun to drive!

    But at the end of the day, it's you who's going to be in the driver's seat. So if you feel with the car ... and there's nothing to ruin your joy ... then consider it!

  2. Nice to drive, expensive to maintain and not that reliable! Especially the Air Con.
    There is only one reason to buy a BMW, and that is you really want it.
    If you decided you want one, check that it had all its service at the main dealer and on time and that its not due a main service shortly, particularly cambelts as these can cost upwards of $1000 at least in the UK, they also tend to have electronic issues so get it fully tested at the dealer too cause Jack the lad is not going to able to tell you if it is in good condition or not!

    PS. If you are trying to be sensible as you live in Qatar, buy a Toyota. They are dame reliable and for some unknown reason never loose value there!

  3. Great advice Keko.

    I already have a Lexus. So that is my reliable, quiet and comfortable family sedan.

    Now I want a car I feel alive when I drive it. I tried the IS 300, and it's brilliant and so much fun to drive, but I cannot afford it, I only buy cash.

  4. loooooooool
    lel2asaf ma b2dar a5demak!
    can't help here... we're still at the fiat punto 98 stage :-D
    still very early for a BMW experience... :-)

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