Here we go again

This is the time of year people flee for vacations. My family will go to Jordan before me as usual. Which means I will have significantly more time on my hands.

This year however its a little different, I have no one leaving the country and wants live with me until then. I have no single friends who prefer to live in my house than theirs ... etc.

This means that this year I will be lonely. Alone. One is the loneliest number.

The plus side is you will be seeing a whole lot more from me in terms of photographs, blog posts and online matches (for those who know me on XBOX Live).

I need to start on a useful project to help put the time to good use. Which I know I will plan but never do, and will end up so bored before my vacation that reading the dictionary would pass as entertainment.

Please all, recommend good books.


  1. "One is the lonliest number" I like that I might quote you on this :)

    I'll recommend a couple of good books that would suite your mood:

    1) Soul Mountain (True Story, a man in China is diagnosed with lung cancer doctors say you have a few months to live, 4 weeks later he goes through tests again and nothing is wrong with him... so he decides to go on a trip... on foot) It won a noble prize.

    2) You've Got to Read this book!... the title says it all, recommendations for books that changed lives by famous people.

    ok enough said... if you want a business book go for Good to Great

  2. I don't know if it is ok to recommend a book that you have just started reading.
    "I will give you my wish list"

    1-The Places In Between - Rory Stewart
    he talks in this book about his own experiance in Afghanistan.

    2-Snow - Orhan Pamuk
    It is a is the second on my list. So many people recommend it.

    3- Cities of Salt – Abulra7man Munif

    I really wish I can read this book. It is forbidden here in Saudi Arabia. refused to ship it to Jeddah!

  3. Well, summers in Doha are tough...

    Since you're into photography, why not join the QL Photoshoot tomorrow night at the Corniche?

    Also, many people just plain kill their boredom by hanging out on Qatar Living (

  4. Good that we will see u blogging more frequently :-)

    U wanna read for wisdome? 3alaika be 'The Alchemist' for Paulo Coelho...

    U wanna read for fun and suspense? 3alaika be Dan Brown's 'Digital Fortress'...
    bs el 5oof tkoon 2areehom tneenat-hom :-)


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