Jordanian's are among the happeist?!!

In a recent study published June 6th 2007, the Jordanian people were found to be among the happiest people in the world. Which contradicts the general stereo type Jordanians are filed under.

For those of you who do not know, Jordanians (my self included) are considered to be frown-prone at all times with timid smiles appearing every once in a long while and in response occasions commanding extreme happiness (think winning the lottery).

So for this reputable institution to publish its "Gross International Happiness Study" ranking Jordan right below Sweden and above all other regional and international countries is quite surprising, if not shocking.

Apparently, the main drivers for happiness in Jordan are:
  • Democracy and free speech: The "Blog without fear" initiative in Jordan "دون بلا خوف", which promises bloggers absolute freedom to speak their minds has clearly paid off and is considered a catalyst for driving uptake of "freedom of speech" in Jordan.

  • Justice and equality: The abolishment of all forms of favoritism under the government sponsered program "F for Fair not Favoritism" "واو من وجع يخلع نيعك وليس من واسطه".

    Apparently Jordanians want their government services without having to resort to being someone's 3rd cousin or meeting everyone in a wedding.

    Who knew?!!

  • Economical development: The recent economical boom driven by the adoption of R&D as a source of income and the numerous incubators the government is funding, has resulted in an influx of money and investments unparalleled and unprecedented in the region.

    Unemployment rates are at an all time minimum and consumer confidence is sky rocketing especially after the reduction of Taxes and allowing cars and consumer products to come into the country with no double taxation and in some cases even no taxation at all. What a wonderful life.

  • Traffic improvements: The launch of the subway train system in and between major cities in Jordan -- which is affectionately know as "the tubes" "المواسير", and the accompanying launch of the "better driving" "سوق زي العالم" campaign lead by the traffic department, which focuses for the first time on sane driving in ADDITION to wearing your seat built and driving below the speed limit.

    It's been rumored that even diwan cars are subject to the new traffic law and enforcement, but that remains to be confirmed at this stage

  • Finally, on the political front, the introduction of the mandatory 3 month training for representatives of the Jordanian parliament named "صحصح واوعى تنام" prior to engaging them in any real decision making. This has resulted in the reps understanding what they are there for, and was the real driver behind all of the above.

    Clearly there is very little difference between competent and incompetent; in this case, only 3 months of training.

In closure, I would like to say that I was busy in April. I still am, somewhat busy. So happy belated April's fool. (قال يعني لسا ما وصلت).

Fake nooz!


  1. haha loved it. I was ready to ask you what the link was to that 'report'!

  2. :D

    Very nice one...thanks for the good laugh.

  3. Thanks for your comments.

    I am glad you like it. :)


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