Burned up

I spent last Saturday having all sorts of aquatic fun in the Sheraton with a friend, and I did a very stupid thing. In fact, I did a series of things that edge on total deliberate idiocy.

I spent the hours between 11AM and 2:30PM under the sun, with degrees around 40-45c. In and out of the water, laying on my chair and floating on a mattress in the sea. Needless to say I was starting to feel a little heat beneath my skin, in the flesh, so I decided to spend sometime in the Jacuzzi, which now I know isn't a very good idea. Not that I was clueless before doing it, which puts “deliberate idiocy” above in context.

Towards the late afternoon, I moved under the shaded area near the pool which wasn't as bad. But I could feel the heat of the sun roasting my shoulders and legs through the holes in the canopy above. And though it wasn’t really doing that, but in my mind here is it what it all looked like: A blindingly bright laser penetrating through my skin and scorching the flesh and making “fizzzz” sounds as it moves slowly leaving a line of destroyed human flesh in its wake.

You would think I would make sure I was under a well shaded area, or at least retire home, which is what a normal sane person would’ve done. But not me, I was being “Deliberately idiotic”.

What I did was spend about 15 minutes between steam and sauna. My recommendation for anyone in this situation is this: DON’T DO THAT.

I blame YOU Tareq Batal. I blame you for my burns and blame you for your body's complete lack of reaction to the sun.

Red of sunburn

Of course I was so red that night that I was glowing in the dark. Literally. No Really!

I turned off the lights and I could see my body pulsating with a red glow. I was like a just-put-out match stick with that fading red glow. And I could smell steak. I’m not saying it was me. Could’ve been my neighbors cooking something, but I’m just saying.

Felt horrible, couldn't sleep at all that night. I applied a small cow’s worth of daily yogurt production on the "glowy" areas, tried burn creams from the Dr. and even regular deep moisturizers. But nothing seems to help; it took a few days before I could sleep with any comfort.

All this reminded me of the martial arts concept: "Best defense is not be there".


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