Picture I took of The Elephant

Elephant, originally uploaded by LotusGem.

I was surprised with this elephant in the parking lot yesterday. It was parked in the space next to my parking space.

That parking space has been empty a long while, eversince my neighbour in apartment 665 moved out.

Of course, seeing an elephant there makes you think of a few things and make a few assumptions. For instance, I assumed that the apartment next to me has been taken by someone. And I assumed that that some one is an Indian, because he drives an elephant.

Turns out I was wrong. The guy is Yemeni. He is from Yemen. I didn't know they had that model in Yemen.

I thought I would post this picture here for you to meet my new car neighbour.


  1. LOL!! Now that is something! Really it's very excitign when such unusual thing happens to you! makes your life feel extraordinary :D

  2. We are here in the "no picture phase" …I couldn't see the picture…but I suppose "elephant" is a nick name for a car?
    It can't be true…it can't be a real elephant in the parking! am I wrong?

  3. "right" is the word :)

  4. No kat,

    It really is an elephant. Find a proxy.

  5. The good proxies are taken :)

    What do u mean?

  6. A Proxy server for accessing blocked pages would be a good idea for everyone in Saudi.

  7. You should blog more often "please". You have an incredible way in writing…I enjoy reading your words.


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