Sari in Da House, and he dont like it!

I arrived in a Jordan a couple of days back, and was immediately immersed in post election celebrations (btw, my father won).

In any case, putting everything I love about Jordan aside now. Here are things that have deteriorated shockingly since last time I was here:

  • NUMBER 1 problem: Driving. I do not know how neglectful and incompetent the new police chief is, but this is ridiculous. It doesn't seem like there are rules any more, except for the red traffic light, everything else is fair game. You get to do what every you want.

  • Car prices: Cars cost an arm and a leg. It is beyond sad.

  • Fuel prices: a C200 costing nearly 29 34 JDs a week is a crime.

  • The number of people who are sick. I have found the diherea, vomit and feaver is running rampant in Amman and Al-Salt. Just visit any clinic or hospital and you will SEE what I am talking about.

I blame you ma3roof il ba'7eet. You have failed us, and you have failed your King. I suggest you behave as responsibly as your ministers and submit your resignation and let someone who can do something take the lead.


  1. Mabrook to your Father, now lets get some insider info :)


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