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Yelsmin Grunge

Yelsmin Grunge, originally uploaded by LotusGem. This is my daughter Yelsmin.

I was not looking through the camera when I took this, I was talking to Yelsmin and resting the camera on my hand to get a more natural expression from Yelsmin.

It's post processed in Photoshop for a grunge effect.

I found this lying around in my e-Folders and decided to play around with it and publish it.I got the frame a number of tips from

Norah Jones - My Dear Country

Beautiful song, lyrics below. Enjoy.

'Twas Halloween and the ghosts were out,
And everywhere they'd go, they'd shout,
And though I covered my eyes I knew,
They'd go away.

But fear's the only thing I saw,
And three days later 'twas clear to all,
That nothing is as scary as election day.

But the day after is darker,
And darker and darker it goes,
Who knows, maybe the plans will change,
Who knows, maybe he's not deranged.

The news men know what they know, but they,
Know even less than what they say,
And I don't know who I can trust,
For they come what may.

'cause we believed in our candidate,
But even more it's the one we hate,
I needed someone I could shake,
On election day.

But the day after is darker,
And deeper and deeper we go,
Who knows, maybe it's all a dream,
Who knows if I'll wake up and scream.

I love the things that you've given me,
I cherish you my dear country,
But sometimes I don't understand,
The way we play.

I love the things that you've gi…

Doha 2016 Bid fireworks (PICS)

A flickr toys mosaic of the set, originally uploaded by LotusGem. These are four of the pictures I took last night while enjoying the Fireworks.

This was during the unveiling ceremony of Doha's logo for the 2016 Olympics bid.

I read it. THERE IS NO WAY!

Just pissed at some work people.

How can someone claim to have read 10 technical documents between 30-100 pages each in one work day?!!

ITS NOT A NEWSPAPER!! You need to understand what you are reading!!

Robot Chicken 1776 Spoof on 300

Brilliant, enjoy.

Just something to keep the blog alive (PIC)

Difficult red, originally uploaded by LotusGem.

5 minutes introduction to islam

Naryat wrote this on my wall in Facebook.

Thank you.

أغرب الفتاوى - 21 رمضان 1428

س: ماذا تقول في رجل أصاب ملابسه شىء طاهر والزمناه بغسله؟ هذا في حق المحرم يلزمه ان يغسل ما يقع على ملابس إحرامه من طيب

س: ما تقول في شيء طاهر يجوز أكله ولا يجوز بيعه؟ هو لحم الأضحية فله اكله واهداؤه والصدقة به ولا يجوز بيعه أو إبداله

منقول من جريدة الراية الرمضانية

Blogsphere is sleeping

The Jordanian blogging community seems to be asleep. I am hoping that this is good news and that bloggers are seeing time spent on worship in Ramadan to be more useful than time spent blogging.

PS: I hope it doesn't have much to do with the new printing laws in Jordan.