5 minutes introduction to islam

Naryat wrote this on my wall in Facebook.

Thank you.


  1. Please do check this link…I think it worth watching.
    His name is Ali…in one of his videos "why Islam"
    He explained why he decided to become a Muslim…very interesting…

    Can you believe that…he converted to Islam and thought about making a channel for Islam on YouTube…I felt so ashamed of myself…I have born Muslim but didn't do what he did to Islam…that makes me think…initiative minds? Is that the answer?

    This is the address of his channel.

    I felt this fits here under your inspiring post.

  2. Hi..Is this blog for sale?

  3. This is great, thank you for the share :)

  4. Anonymous, not for sale in the classical sense. I have a rent-to-own plan in place and I am launching a per pixel program where you can rent a space for 99 years, which is virtually buying it ya3ni.

    Bakkouz, its great to see you reading my blog.

  5. that is a bad plan. eal blogs ma btetba3sh wala tenshara fi el ayam di.

    howa 7adretak wa'7ed mawkef min Gardenia walla eah? you replyed to me and Bakkouz and ignored her Poor Gardenia.

  6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  7. Anonymous, Gardenia's post was a statement, yours was a question.

    A statement does not demand an answer, a question does.

  8. the first anon was me but the second wasn't me...

  9. Anoymous, thats why I dont like anonymous ... how about each of you assume a name .. like the flying monkey or Mr. bananas.

  10. ya3ni el wa7ed ma bya3ref ya3mel 7alo anon bi hal blogsphere.

    btw, Mr. bananas is taken actually :)

  11. mo sa7i7...I asked a question too..."initiative minds? Is that the answer?"

    that counts..ma heak :)

    Just kidding...have a nice day.

  12. khalas ya sidi..I want to rent a column...and I will pay you as much as you want...bas I have one condition...you should let me post as much as I want...and for every 2 posts of mine you have to post one...

    what do you think?

  13. CherryPie, I can actually do you one better.

    I will give you a link if you want to walk you through creating your own blog.

    Just email me.

  14. :D

    in other words "7elli 3anni" :D

    ya3ni 3azabtna...we "the pies group" are trying to encourage you to post more often.


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