I read it. THERE IS NO WAY!

Just pissed at some work people.

How can someone claim to have read 10 technical documents between 30-100 pages each in one work day?!!

ITS NOT A NEWSPAPER!! You need to understand what you are reading!!


  1. People do lie to reach boss satisfaction :-)

  2. There are levels of the experience that you don't need to read it all you just scan them as your experience allows you to predict what you are going to read and you just scan the papers to be sure.

  3. How clever!

  4. I do that, as Avner said, it all depends on your experience. In my graduate school I have to read 6 - 10 big papers each week.

  5. lets say we have 50 pages/ document…we have 10 Doc…we have 8 hours/work day…that means almost 60 pages/hour (i.e. page/minute).
    Who can do this…stay 8 hours at his desk…reading technical papers.
    LotusGem said that he did that in one work day….personally, I don't think it is possible.

  6. Or maybe he is into this


    "just kidding"

  7. Jad, I agree. Thing is it pisses off the boss and dosen't make him happy, kinda working in the other direction.

    Avner, how can someone assume to know technical stuff is beyond me. Its not literature. Each line is loaded with information that may or may not be correct, and it's his/her job to read and evaluate.

    This attitude of scanning through documents and assuming you understand is better left to consultants.

    Gardenia, good calculation, and the person in question here didn't get a full 8 hours to do it.

    And about Kumon, this is really interesting. I definitely going to read more here (not assume I understand it) :)

  8. Technical documents contain too many details that can be jumped over for a while and refer back to it when needed, depending on the purpose to be achieved. Readers with experience in the subject they read can catch the lines should be known and they will mark the sections to be referred back when need more details.
    The purpose of reading is to know and catch its contents, then if you can do that by prediction and some other skills, then why not!
    Originally, you got that experience because you read many similar documents like that before and been in many projects having the same requirements and even you wrote many documents about the same subject, then reading a 500 page about this subject shouldn't take more than one hour.

  9. I agree with Avner.

  10. OK Guys, Orli and Avner,

    Remind me not to work with either of you. :)

    I will say this, if some part of the document can be understood by assumption because it already exists in another document, then just refer to that.

    In any case, I have enough experience to know this is how it works if you're a consultant, but not a technical professional.


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