Yelsmin Grunge

Yelsmin Grunge, originally uploaded by LotusGem.

This is my daughter Yelsmin.

I was not looking through the camera when I took this, I was talking to Yelsmin and resting the camera on my hand to get a more natural expression from Yelsmin.

It's post processed in Photoshop for a grunge effect.

I found this lying around in my e-Folders and decided to play around with it and publish it.

I got the frame a number of tips from


  1. cute..God bless her.

  2. What does the name "Yelsmin" mean ?

  3. Yelsmin is the Chechen word for heaven.

    In a sentence it sounds like yelsminai and yersminai depending on who you are listening to.

    I heard it first when my wife was pregnant and decided it sounded heavenly. :)

  4. mashallah, allah yekhalilak yaha


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