Drifting in space

I changed my screen saver to star field on my XP machine, which has a descent size LCD.

Try this if you do have one. Turn off the lights, and watch that star field, and you will have the sensation that you are flying through space.

It's a nice feeling, and in fact reminds me of one lucid dream I had.


  1. Beautiful sensation…thanks.

  2. I picked “3D Pipes” as I think I should managed to be “mawaserji” :D.
    I think if I am “mawaserji” kan abda3et, and at least I think it is a job with no headache... and without requesters who don’t know what they want..

    I always dreamed to fly in space...

  3. I know who you remind me of.

  4. By the way Avner, you ARE flying in space.

    "I hope it is ok LotusGem"

  5. LotusGem,

    keep it between us ;)


    Ah, then you r flying too and there are a lot around...
    A very core part in my dream is to be alone there, just to drift easily between the stars.

  6. http://www.glumbert.com/media

  7. bas 7abeana nsabbe7...ya3ni ma ba3ref leash hal 3alam bi7bu ytsa2alu 3aleak :)

    "just kidding"

  8. When i had my dual monitors i used Mystify, I enjoyed watching the lines cross over from screen to screen, it was beautiful, sadly my second screen broke and i can't buy a new one right now and mystify doesn't look so cool an a single screen, right now i use Google's photo screensaver, which is kinda cool :)

  9. do you think that we have to fly up in the space in order to convince you to post something :)

  10. Heyyyy!
    I used to love this game!! :-)
    imaginign myself flying in the space... yer7am hadeek el 2yam!! :-)


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