NBC Direct service and ads

I was just looking at the recently launched NBC direct service, which is a YouTube equivalent of NBC's shows, only really annoying.

I say that because every show I tried watching would play a long ad before it begins, and then tell me "this show is not available for your location" or something of the sort.

Now I have no problem with content being locale sensitive. It's the right of the content owners to decide on that, but what I do have a problem with is making me sit through the whole of a number ads repeatedly and then telling me I can't watch the content.

How I am dealing with it? I watched a few more, just to see the ads, and now Dove, Oreos, and Careerbuilder are on my no-more list.

Thank you NBC for annoying the customers of your advertisers.

Update: Looks like this blogger had the same experience.


  1. Doves are good, don't boycott them :)

  2. Interesting, i havn't seen NBC Direct service yet, i shall check it out soon :)

  3. check this:


  4. nock nock..
    anybody here?

  5. http://www.yourememberthat.com/

  6. I reall wish to have a kitkat bar right now...thats why I picked that name :)


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