Why the XBOX 360 is so different

Online community.

This is the big difference between the XBOX 360 and any other gaming platform. And I am not talking about being able to play with your friends online, only.

I am talking about that unique ability to turn on your XBOX 360, see who of your friends is online and what they are playing, and playing with them, or at least start voice chatting with them while you watch a movie or play another game.

Some of the best times I've had in gaming is when I could hear the bellowing screams of anguish as I crush my friends in Halo 3, or the hollow accusations of the losers as I pass them by in my lesser car blasting down a stretch of road in the Nurnburgring. "YOU ARE CHEATING!!" They would say, knowing that cheating is not possible on XBOX Live.

Add to that the availability of MSN Messenger support and you have a the full experience.

I wish more of my friends would pick up and XBOX 360 and "Jump in".


  1. You made it sound so tempting :)

    But come to think about it, it is more about sharing your friends such an enjoyment.

    ya3ni, before "jumping in"…one should count her/his friends who already have it or willing to have it…otherwise, will end up playing with a punch of strangers…and will miss the point of it..right?

  2. ...or that same one can buy his/her friends the whole set...and spread the enjoyment :D

  3. I know what you are getting at, but I am not that rich.

    And about playing with strangers. Your closest friends were strangers at some point, right?

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  5. ma just kidding walla..I told my friends about this XBOX thing and they suggest to buy them the set so we can play :)

    playing with strangers...I meant for females..I was thinking that it is difficult for a lady to play with strangers.
    personally, I wont do that.

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  7. no explenation...I wont even try. ma fi da3i.

    bas, what do you think of the idea?

    :so shy face:


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