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Looks like good Arabization

Blogging on Blogger from the iPhone

I just found this out and thought it may be useful for iPhone users.

Most of us already know of the feature where you can setup an email address where you can send an email to that address and blogger would either publish it immediately or save it as a draft post for further review.

This can be found under Settings>Email>Mail-To-Blogger Address.

I found out that if you use your Yahoo email account on your iPhone as your default sending account you cannot properly post images. You will get a tag that says "img src="cid:" and blogger fails to display the image you attached.

I solved this by using gmail as my default sending account.

To do this, go to mail>sending>default account, and choose your gmail account.

From this point I could just click a photo, send it as email and add my text, hit send and I find it on my blogger.

This this post was done through sending an email in the manner described above.

Testing blogging

Sent from my iPhone

Believe in yourself

Inspirational video of the day.

Flight Of The Conchords - Jenny

WHY?! are these guys not more famous than Spears' drug problems?

iPhone epiphany

I take it back.

The iPhone is an amazing device, and is a reinvention of the telephone.

Why the sudden change of heart you ask? Well, I used one. And let me tell you, I am definitely getting one soon.

I mean the interface doesn't make you wait, it does what you want, and when you want it. Everything is easy, quick, fun and beautiful. Why cant other OSs do that? WHY MUST I HAVE TO WAIT TO GO TO PHONE?!

And why do I have to worry about rotating the screen or setting the brightness or turning off the screen when I am not using it?!!!! Get the phone to do that for you.

Am I finding my self aligned with the Apple way of thinking? Seem so.

I read this in the iPhone User Guide. And it struck me that Steve Jobs understands why I want.

Check if you can spot the epiphany-triggering-words.

iPhone User Guide excerpt

"Use the polishing cloth that came with iPhone to gently wipe the glass screen and the case.
You can also use a soft, slightly damp, lint-free cloth."

iPhone, Nuvi Phone, Android

Hmm ... I sense disturbance in the force.

This is pretty much a place holder. For the future.

I want to be able to see I told you so, or I told you so sort of.

There is something happening behind the seens, and it involves iPhone, Android and Garmin's upcoming Nuvifone. ....

Possibly others. (Dell soon?)

Fascinating crabs