Blogging on Blogger from the iPhone

I just found this out and thought it may be useful for iPhone users.

Most of us already know of the feature where you can setup an email address where you can send an email to that address and blogger would either publish it immediately or save it as a draft post for further review.

This can be found under Settings>Email>Mail-To-Blogger Address.

I found out that if you use your Yahoo email account on your iPhone as your default sending account you cannot properly post images. You will get a tag that says "img src="cid:" and blogger fails to display the image you attached.

I solved this by using gmail as my default sending account.

To do this, go to mail>sending>default account, and choose your gmail account.

From this point I could just click a photo, send it as email and add my text, hit send and I find it on my blogger.

This this post was done through sending an email in the manner described above.


  1. Great tip! I created a blog( for iPhone users (as well as other phone users) to post cool pictures to. I was having trouble getting iPhones with Yahoo email to work. But users who have a Gmail address can post easily. Visit the site if you have a sec and post a cool pic from your iPhone!


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