Mercedes vs Lexus

Source: WikipediaAs a Lexus owner, I always thought people who buy Mercedes were, well, Chumps!

They are chumps in that they Multi-overpay.

They over pay for the car, as in no car should cost that much.

They overpay for the name, as in Mercedes is not what it used to be, especially in reliability.

They overpay for running cost, as in Mercedes parts are very costly the world over and running cost is way above average.

You can get a much better car from any similarly priced Lexus. Of course, I speak as a person who had the pleasure of owning a couple Lexus cars for a long time and had enough using a Mercedes to know what I am talking about.

Plus the numbers support it. TCO numbers from and reliability reports from JDPower should give a good reading.

Go here to see JDPower's ratings per brand

Check this for TCO of Merecedes S Class compared to average

I mean, if you have the money, you cannot go wrong with the Lexus LS 460. There is simply no better car.


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