10 things TAG!!!

I don't like tags, and I do not do them. However, this one is entertaining to me. So I will make it entertaining for you too.

I will list the 10 things but some of them might not be true. Here we go:
  1. I get red-in-the-face-seething-mad at things people usually find merely annoying *such as someone not waiting in line*, and could care less about things people find seethe worthy *such as "I'm better than you" type people*. I mean, who cares??
  2. I am vocal (sometimes nasty) when letting people know that they should wait in line, or clean after themselves or drive like a human being
  3. I've never driven a car without wearing a seat belt
  4. I started driving at 9 years
  5. I wrote my first program at 10 and first game at 14
  6. I can save money like chipmunks saving nuts for winter
  7. I can spend money like there is no tomorrow (depends on the mood)
  8. I once played a 2 on 1 half court basketball game in college. And Won.
  9. I developed an online banking framework from white page to fully tested in 3 days
  10. If I have food in my hand or on my plate, don't come near it! MINE! (see point 1 for more info)
I tag the people who tagged me.


  1. :D

    I believe this is the best answer for this tag I have read...

    And I think I can tell which points are the true ones :)

    you are tagging me again? I did it twice my friend!
    bas I will do it again if you insist :D

  2. So tell me. Which ones do you think are true?

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. halla2 #3 and #4 mo rakbin 3ala ba3don...if you startd driving at 9...then you probably drove without wearing the seatbelt at that early age.

    but separately, each one of them can be true.

    #2 I think is partially true.

    #10 is false.


    This is only a guess...I might be so wrong.

  5. Actually they are all true.

    I started driving at 9, and when my father was letting me drive he would make sure I wore the seat belt and it became a habit.

    Number 10 is actually very true. I don't have problem sharing food. But after we do all the sharing and that part of the food becomes my food, only I am allowed to touch it. You can still ask for some, and I may give it. But you do not touch it.

  6. Now #10 makes sense :)

    Your father is a great man...God bless him...he knew how much you wanted to drive..so he let you did ubder his supervision.

    bas 3an jad...your 10 points are another sign for a great personality...I enjoyed reading.

    by the way, I am like you regarding 6 and 7.


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