Take that Mac users!

Awesome MacBook Air Parody.

By the way, I used it the other day ( The Macbook Air ) and it gets a firm two thumbs up.


  1. HAHAHAHA!!!
    That's so funny! But man that mac book air is so damn sexy. You can feel it the minute you touch it. And I'm not even a mac person but the minute I touched it I wanted one! I felt wierd attraction!

  2. LOOOL! that was good. Not a mac person myself.

  3. I thought you would mention my name in this blog entry :D

    Getting to know it more, loving it more


  4. Qwaider, same feeling, though I could determine why I wanted one. I mean the size, weight, looks, response, keyboard, touch pad ...etc.

    It's like the iPhone of laptops. :)

    Batoul, I have a couple of flavors of Linux and Vista running on my machine. I've never considered getting a Mac, though I used them extensively in late 90s.

    Issam, I should have indeed mentioned your name. I will be in touch to see how you like it after a while.

    Jad, I sense a little jealousy.

  5. In hardware design? YES :D

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. 'm welling to give up my car and my new laptop to have one...btw you've been tagged

  8. i was expecting a fridge to fall out!

    nice :)


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