Why do they do that!? Baa! Baa! No Video!

I've received an invitation on flickr to join a group called "We say no to videos on flickr".

Any one else find this shocking? Why would any one oppose something like that?

Seems to me the only reason for someone to not want such a new feature on flickr is that they're rigid dinosaurs pretty much stuck in their ways and will reject anything or anyone that is new or different.

Here is a tutorial on how to solve this problem on flickr if you don't want to see the videos.
  1. You click on a flickr link that takes you to the page with the evil video on it
  2. Don't click to play the evil video on the page
  3. Problem solved. Videos, when not moving, are really only pictures
Could it be that some people are afraid they wouldn't get as much attention to their photos when there are prettier pictures that move? If so, those attention h***s need help.

What is more shocking though is that it seems the majority of people who join these groups are just sheep and cows Baaing and mooing along just because someone sent them an invitation and they feel special being "in" and belonging. So sad.


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