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Leaving Qatar

I am leaving Qatar.NOW.

Going dark soon


I will most probably go off the DRADIS during the next few days, and will remain off until further notice.

I will be disconnecting the comms in my HQ (house) tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. Which means I will have no access to the net until I am in Jordan.

I need all of your recommendations on the best ISP in Jordan. I need:
Mobile numberWireless Internet Access (3G, Wifi or WiMax???)DSL or ADSL2 or faster connection
Please let me know your opinions and recommendations on the ISPs and their performance in Jordan.

There is a need for a new way

There is a need for a way to manage what I am going through.

Normally, I manage everything with ease. Taking decisions take just a little more time than is required to gather the information. I manage projects, communicate effectively, identify and manage risks and issues. But now, I am helpless.

I am trying to move to Jordan. There are 100 interdependent issues of selling the cars, the ACs, disconnecting the services, turning the house over to the landlord, making the deal with the transportation company and finishing the packing, finishing the paper work required for the borders, canceling my residence permit, finishing the paper work with my employer ....etc.

Each of the things strung together in a specific order can make a neat time line which you can base your plans on. Complexities happen once you realize that any change to any of these tasks, means a change to most others, in terms of dependencies, probably of risk becoming an issue and time line.

How do you manage this? Work strea…

Movie review: The happening

I am about to see the movie review from the Totally Rad Show guys, but before I do that I want to put on paper what I think of this movie.

This movie is retarded.

M Shamalamananihnih sucks, he should change his career to cinematography or something that is not director.

I've better performances (FAR BETTER) for the actors in other movies, and the only reason they come across overacting and stupid in my opinion is the director.

The story is primitive and immature, and feels like how a 10 yearold would tell the story.

The premise, however, is interesting, and it feels like the story telling and the direction spoiled what could've been a really good movie.

Bottom line, the movie is crap. Don't pay money for it. Just let someone tell what it is about and you will have a better experience than what they had.

PS: Go see the movie if you like watching people killing themselves.

Are cylons muslims?

So the Cylons are saying this and I quote:

"There is no God but God" which literally translates to لا اله الا الله"There is no such thing as coincidence, God wills the universe according to his desire" which translates to لا يوجد شيء اسمه صدفه، انما يدبر الله الكون كيف يشاء"There are no Gods, there is only one God" translates to لا يوجد آلهة، انما هو اله واحد
Picture by immolation scene.

All of these themes are at the core of the Muslim faith. And the literal translation translates into verses commonly used by Muslims everyday. The first one is what you HAVE to believe as the basis for Islam.

I would assume that the writer(s) of BattleStar Galactica probably knew about this, and is(are) making Cylons talk like Muslims.

The question is why?

Mitch Hedberg 2004 Just For Laughs gala

Recent published photo

Here is a link,
ictQatar Borchure

Go to page 2 and check the bottom left side. The whole background photo is one of mine, and I one a photo competition in Qatar a while back with this same photo.

I have a hard copy of the brochure and I must say that I could have done a better job at printing it, though the direction and design is amazing.

Here is another of your favorites.

All I can think of when I saw this was ..

Elevator stuff

It's the little things that get to me.

Here is a bit of education. I know most of you already know that, so this is targeted to the 1% of you who do not know it and insist on using the elevators I use EVERY TIME!
If you want to go up, you press up only. If you want to go down, you press down. Failure to do so gives me the right to tell you off.If you want to go into the elevator, you should wait for whoever wants to get out before you go in. Failure to do so, gives me the right to walk through you.If you want to get out of the elevator, and someone is waiting to go in, they are waiting for you to leave. Hesitation only makes you look stupid. You should leave the moment the door is open.If I am waiting in the bottom floor for the elevator, and after a long wait I find you in the elevator taking the trip down and up, looking stupid and smelly, don't be surprised if I give you the evil eye.

SCREW! LOST *Spoilers*


The Island disappears,
and people have different names,
Jack's father appears to whats his name... and says its time to go home or something as stupid as that
Hurley as playing chess with echo ...
Lock is dead, but is not really Lock.
And climactic music when John Lock finds out about the time travel capabilities of the Island. Did they forget they spent around 3 episodes of the season talking about it?!!! May be they did during the strike.

Who cares any more. WHAT IS THIS SHOW ABOUT ANYWAYS?!! I really forgot, what are we thinking about? What are we trying to figure out?!


I mean it is ALL questions now. There is nothing happening. Only more weird stuff that cannot be explained and can only more question marks.

And there are more uninteresting and insignificant twists. And many many useless fillers that we can all do without, especially when sitting through two full episodes.

But I cant stop watching. Not now.

Next season is ALL answers. HAS to be ALL answers .... now the questi…