Movie review: The happening

I am about to see the movie review from the Totally Rad Show guys, but before I do that I want to put on paper what I think of this movie.

This movie is retarded.

M Shamalamananihnih sucks, he should change his career to cinematography or something that is not director.

I've better performances (FAR BETTER) for the actors in other movies, and the only reason they come across overacting and stupid in my opinion is the director.

The story is primitive and immature, and feels like how a 10 yearold would tell the story.

The premise, however, is interesting, and it feels like the story telling and the direction spoiled what could've been a really good movie.

Bottom line, the movie is crap. Don't pay money for it. Just let someone tell what it is about and you will have a better experience than what they had.

PS: Go see the movie if you like watching people killing themselves.


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