There is a need for a new way

There is a need for a way to manage what I am going through.

Normally, I manage everything with ease. Taking decisions take just a little more time than is required to gather the information. I manage projects, communicate effectively, identify and manage risks and issues. But now, I am helpless.

I am trying to move to Jordan. There are 100 interdependent issues of selling the cars, the ACs, disconnecting the services, turning the house over to the landlord, making the deal with the transportation company and finishing the packing, finishing the paper work required for the borders, canceling my residence permit, finishing the paper work with my employer ....etc.

Each of the things strung together in a specific order can make a neat time line which you can base your plans on. Complexities happen once you realize that any change to any of these tasks, means a change to most others, in terms of dependencies, probably of risk becoming an issue and time line.

How do you manage this? Work streams and WBSs are rigid and stale. This needs to be fluid and dynamic.

All I am doing now is keep all these things floating in my brain while I just run around doing the thing I feel most anxious about.

Any one can think of a better way?


  1. wbs and work streams do not work here!!

    outsource and subcontract as much as possible :) there are things that u have to do your self, what worked for me was always to stay behind after family and furniture leave the country for at least one more week, disconnect services, do the paper work, etc etc. sleep a couple of nights on the floor and the last night at a friends house :)

    thats what my experience tells me after moving countries three times and moving houses many times all in 5 years!!


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