Why Wi-Tribe may not be your best bet - UPDATED

UPDATED - Oct 28, 2008 - Here

I've been connected through Wi-Tribe during the past month and a half. And here is the verdict:
  • Coverage in my area was good, as long as the modem was near or outside a window. I live in Al-Jubeiha Area
  • Bandwidth was near the amount I paid for but always less
  • Torrent traffic is shaped, don't expect anything above 32KB
  • After forgetting a couple of torrents uploading at full speed for a few days, I found out that I was getting around 56kbps, about the same speed a quick dial up phone connection
  • If you reach around 20GB of total upload+download in a month, you will be dropped down to 128kbps, but you will be really getting around 56kbps

On support
  • Calling support is a hit and miss deal. Meaning that you may or may not get through
  • Getting through to support is a hit and miss deal. Meaning that you may or may not get help
  • In reality, I was always shown a caring attitude but never got any results
  • One funny thing. I called to complain about the speed, and the helpful representitive said she will take it up with the techincal department and call me back. A day later she calls back to inform me about a late invoice to tell me that the account will be disconnected.

All in all, I do not recommend wi-tribe. I'm switching to UMAX at the end of the billing period.


  1. Thanks for sharing 7aj, just on time; I'm about to rent an office in Jabal Amman and I was thinking of going with them instead of getting a pricey commercial landline but now I'm not sure anymore.

  2. Salam Sari (your old friend from CNS-Primus days)

    I have a similar experience with Wi-Tribe, fairly good coverage, decent folks over the phone but zero technical knowledge beyond the stuff they learned during the orientation crash-course.

    But i will still recommend Wi-Tribe as an alternative to ADSL and Orange fixed network, i would definitely NOT recommend Umniah's U-Max service because they have enough hurdles they need to sort out before providing a proper fixed-wireless internet service.

    Otherwise, welcome back and good job/work hunting

  3. Thanks Jad and Basem for the comments.

    Basem, I didn't know you were in Jordan, I thought you were working in Saudi.

    As for UMAX. I already committed to 3 months of service. So far, the bandwidth and response time has been waaay worse than Wi-Tribe. But the customer support is persistent and a lady keeps calling to make sure I am satisfied and have no complaints. That is definitely a plus.

    I'll give it sometime and then write about the findings.

  4. Whatever you do, do not try or even think of considering UMAX !!! UMAX simply SUCKS. I've been fighting with them ever since I joined.

    Anyways, if you decide to go against my advice, I seriously suggest to look for an offer that comes with a mobile phone service from Umniah as well, because you will be calling them all the time looking for help and getting none.
    The customer service line is not free for non-umniah customers !!!! I have Zain cell phone and last month, I paid around 5 JDs for phone calls to UMAX customer service and I am still facing problems !!!!


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