I take that back Wi-Tribe. UMAX Sucks

So I was wrong. I can see that now.

In a previous post, I had declared that Wi-tribe which I was using at the time sucked a bit. Thought Clouds - The Digital Bender: Why Wi-Tribe may not be your best bet

I can see now after nearly two months of using UMAX that Wi-Tribe, was BRILLIANT. And that it is UMAX that sucks.

With the exception of a few good sales people, and one good engineer. I have had no pleasant experience with UMAX whatsoever.

The connection was very unreliable, the signal often bad, speed never reached 1mbps except in one isolated moment, support is reluctant and rigid.

Dear Wi-Tribe, I apologize, I made a mistake. I love you and I'm coming back to you.


  1. Both are still a bit too new for my taste. I think I'll wait a year, and see how it works out or if they finally implement high speed cable internet before leaving orange dsl and my land line forever!

  2. Well, UMax's problem is the connectivity through batelco, batelco mainly eat alot of your bandwidth on ADSL, same happens with umax.

    while WiTribe have an independent internet source from Hashem's.

    Hani, yes, we are in need of those fiber optics.

  3. Guys, wasn't there a company planning to provide fiber based services in Jordan? I thought I'd contacted one company but no response so far.


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