A modern day holocaust

This is not a blog post. It is not an entertainment piece or an opinion piece. It is not a product review, or best of 2008.

This is a piece to bear witness, an article of evidence that you will read and understand and then make a choice. This is so you could not claim ignorance.

Yesterday, 27th of December 2008. American airplanes bought for Israel with American money, were flown over crowded locations over the Gaza strip of Palestine and carried out a massacre against helpless people in their own open-air prison.

Hundreds killed, maimed, orphaned and burned alive. The word Holocaust comes to mind. 

The official statement from Israel, and the general media push is that Hamas is the target, as if Hamas is a discrete round target in a shooting range that you can safely shoot and leave when you are done.

For those who do not know Gaza, please take a look. It is so crowded, you couldn't sneeze there without spraying a few people, let alone target a Hamas member with a bomb that takes two blocks at a time.

The truth is that Israel is waging a war against the resistance. The Palestinian resistance. A resistance that has been there since 1948 before there was Hamas and before there was PLO, a resistance that will continue to be, as long as the land of Palestine is under occupation.

So far, the bombing killed 228 people. All with bombs and collapsing buildings. Note that this bombing started while school children are in schools and the parent's are scrambling to get the children back home or flee. The streets crowded with cars, schools crowded with children, and Israel would have us believe that their Bombs are landing on Hamas.

Thinking back to the American war on Afghanistan, and the latest American war on Iraq. And the unexpectedly large number of friendly fire casualties. I tend to not believe that somehow Israeli bombs are that selective. I don't buy that the same American bombs that were falling on friendly targets in Iraq and Afghanistan are so selective today as to kill Hamas members only, in a city more crowded on a normal day than a toy store on Eid morning.

A mosque was targeted and bombed this morning. A mosque is a holy place of worship that holds utmost respect with all Muslims everywhere. Muslims do not go into it wearing shoes. They would not speak loudly while inside it. It is not a place of war, and the Islamic disposed Hamas certainly knows it. 

Israel claims the mosque was being used for storing weapons. As if there were weapons to store to begin with. Note that Israel has been claiming that Hamas has been burrowing tunnels miles under the ground between Palestine and Egypt to smuggle weapons. And we've all seen the cow they smuggled in those tunnels which may be an atomic cow -- but I digress. 

Israel would have us believe that the people who are burrowing these miles long tunnels, are using a Mosque (in a hospital by the way) to store weapons. Instead of somewhere underground or in a tool shed in a more accessible and less public place than a mosque in a hospital. Think about it. Given the choice, assuming you have one, would you store your stash in an underground secret location or a publicly accessible by everyone place of holy worship to God.

So that's the situation with the official Israel. One of continued American sponsored terrorism and slaughter of civilians backed by a strong spin team and an ignorant world.

What about Israel the people?

While I acknowledge that some Israelis are aware of the lies and outright terrorism of their government, I also acknowledge that those people forma minority if anything at all. 

In Jaffa, which is at the heart of Israeli controlled territory near Tel-Aviv the capital of the occupying army, a mosque was daubed with 'Mohammed is a pig,'  and 'Death to Arabs'. Clearly not the doing of the Israeli army. People of Israel did this. People who decided to go out and do it, and make public their hatred to Islam and Arabs.

Meanwhile, the world is watching a month by month review of 2008, best bloopers of 2008 and Geraldo at large.

And it goes on, with Morons calling for issuing statements and arguing about semantics. I am sure those brand new orphans will thank you for that piece of paper.

By the way, between the time I started writing this, and now nearly 50 more people died and hundreds others injured and made homeless. 

If this -- people unarmed, surrounded with an impenetrable wall, being bombed with million dollar weapons with no where to run or hide --  is not terrorism. If this is not holocaust, nothing else is!


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