What's happeing in Gaza is this

Israel is using American weapons bought with American loans to bomb from the sky school children running around in the streets and their parents -- also running around in the streets. 

The children are guilty, of course, of throwing stones AND guilty that some 5 people made a pipe that directs metal balls with gun poweder attached to its end, that they built in their toolshed. Catapolting watermealons may be more effective, but still. There's gun poweder involved. Must bomb the children.

Here is my message to Arab leaders and the Palestinians: "Save your breath". The world does not hear you. The world will not come to rescue you. 

Palestine is a country under occupation by Israel, the most over armed gang in the history of the world. And that is it! The only thing to do is fight it. Its the only thing we can do.

Alternatively, we can just sit there and accept it becoming one of the many people in history that welcomed its aggressor and accepted is invaders. UNLIKLEY! 


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