White Phosphorus - Israel is clearly desparate

Israel is now using White Phosphorus in Gaza.

White Phosphorus is not an illegal weapon. It is however, to be used under very strict regulations. The most relevant of these is that it is not to be used on personnel. This includes the prohibition of use against military combatants as well as civilians.

A person coming in contact with this substance will suffer horrific burns, and the heat will peal the skin from the bone.

Having bombed UNRWA schools, hospitals, and ambulances, it is clear that Israel is intentionally targeting civilians. And now its clear they are even doing this with illegally used weaponry.

It is also clear that Israel is targeting the civilians in order to scare them and scare Hamas into a submissive ceasefire that guarantees Israeli presence in Gaza.

Israel however, is getting no where, and its at the end of its rope.

I yesterday saw a 12 year old girl who had both her legs amputated at the knee due to severe burns that reached the bone. The girl was in the hospital with her two new stumps, and she was saying "thank God, other people have it worse".

Israel does not realize (or may be it does) that those people do NOT fear death, or horror. They see this life as only a temporary life, one that will end for everyone at some point. What matters is that you do the right thing and prepare for the after life.

May God ease their suffering and strengthen their will even further. Amen.


  1. May gold bless the brave people in Gaza and may god soon punish the Israeli war criminals and their natzi army.

  2. Amen.

    One of the many things I like about your posts is your positiveness ...

  3. Remember the massacre in Jenin that never happened. The Israelis have a much better track record with the truth than the Arab media.

  4. Sure Anonymous, and Israeli Zionists are compassionate and loving people, and whats happening in Gaza is really not.

    Its all a Hollywood type production from the Arab media. Especially the dead children.

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  6. メル友募集3/7/09 9:17 AM

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