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The financial crisis is affecting everyone

Looking around in Jordanian businesses, it would seem that everything is alright and its all business as usual to the untrained eye. And things become so much clearer when you inspect the detail.

A few of my friends are having trouble collecting on payments already owed, others are having trouble making a sale as more and more products and services fall behind the nessary line and into luxury territory.

I my self am having trouble making sales, which is to be expected for a new business. But it seems to me that things are a lot more difficult and will take a lot more time than I originally planned.

I guess the vacation I planned for the next summer hangs in the balance now. :)

What to do? Need advice

I seek everyone's advice.
Im in a situation where I am working on a project and I have a partner in that project. We both share the vision of the goal, and we are both unsure how exactly we are going to do it.
However, my team partner doesn't want to stick to the rules. He always finds ways to break them and workaround them. Although I am very sure that he understands why the rules are there, and understands that we can only get to what we need if we stick to the rules.
I've talked a lot to my friend here to make sure we do stick to the rules. Every time I do this he agrees and we go back to sticking strictly to the rules. But only for a few weeks, at best.
I think he does this because the rules are difficult and its easier to break the rules. And to that we have a huge project to accomplish, one that requires dedication and work. Why would the rules be easy? It only makes sense that they would be difficult. 
It seems my friend needs to decide. Either stick with the project and…