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Some shots from Amman this morning

The lot next door, originally uploaded by LotusGem.
I took these shots this morning. The weather changed in 20 minutes from (I should go back, its probably a snow day) to (Clear blue spring day)

Elizabeth Gilbert is retarded

I was just watching Elizabeth Gilbert give a talk in TED. 
The premise of the talk was that Genius was a thing that comes to the artist or the creative person as opposed to a part of ones character or mental ability.
Which is fine.
She then goes on to say that this Genius thing is God. And says that in North Africa a spiritual dancer, on rare occasions, transcends his mortal being and becomes something more than mortal. And everyone would start chanting Allah Allah. Because they knew what that was.
Now how retarded is that?
Let me tell you something Gilbert. In North Africa they say Allah when they eat a good meal of "Molokhiah Bil Aranib". Not because they thing that this Molokhieh is God, but because they say the name of God when they impressed with something.
In fact, most if not all Arabs do that. 
So stop being retarded and check your sources next time. Good advice for a writer.