Elizabeth Gilbert is retarded

I was just watching Elizabeth Gilbert give a talk in TED. 

The premise of the talk was that Genius was a thing that comes to the artist or the creative person as opposed to a part of ones character or mental ability.

Which is fine.

She then goes on to say that this Genius thing is God. And says that in North Africa a spiritual dancer, on rare occasions, transcends his mortal being and becomes something more than mortal. And everyone would start chanting Allah Allah. Because they knew what that was.

Now how retarded is that?

Let me tell you something Gilbert. In North Africa they say Allah when they eat a good meal of "Molokhiah Bil Aranib". Not because they thing that this Molokhieh is God, but because they say the name of God when they impressed with something.

In fact, most if not all Arabs do that. 

So stop being retarded and check your sources next time. Good advice for a writer.


  1. Allah Allah ... teslam 2idak :)

    Very nice post ... as usual.

  2. I watched it last night after reading your post .. but apparently I was sleeping .. "not sleepy :)"

    I heard it again today .. I agree with you totally ..

    But you know .. I understand her feelings ... "being a genius myself :p" .. no really, I mean when you do something "good" people start to expect more form you .. to put you under pressure ... it is very diffiult.
    I believe that everyone of us has such moments .. when you feel extraordinary .. special .. and deferent.

    I think that the trick is to keep on doing whatever you are doing without letting others effect you ...

    To believe in you and accept the fact that you might make mistakes ...be less creative .. or even stupid sometimes ... to be a human.

    It is not easy to do that ... but when you do it, you feel like glowing..

    And no, it not a demon nor Genius ..I believe that God created some of us more capabale than others ... it is God's creation.

    Sorry for the long comment .. but I have thought about what she said a lot.

  3. How dare you insult the great Elizabeth Gilbert? Oprah will come after you!

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  5. メル友募集3/7/09 9:17 AM

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  6. hahaha :-D
    I have watched a lot of TED talks. While many of them are good, some of them are just B.S. by some pompus idiots :-D. I haven't seen this particular video you mention here, but it's not hard to believe it will be idiotic.

  7. I know what you mean and agree exactly za3tar.

    Here is the link by the way.

  8. I could only stand a couple of minutes of it. Nonsensical, insipid, vacuous bullshit is what it was.



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